it needs saying

I've come upon music so many ways in my life.

I'm 13 (or 14?). my brother gives me a cd for my time traveling has Moby, Fatboy Slim, and Underworld on it.

I'm 15 and I am now a music pirate. first at Napster before it got shitty, then Kazaam while it was shitty, then Soulseek, which was magical. I browse people's music collections, searching folders, unearthing treasure.

I'm 20 and I am now a professional music pirate. I collect over 250gb of audio, obsessing over lossless formats and headphones.

I'm 25 and I've just switched from Pandora to Spotify. I stress about going through and adding music that I already love. Spotify doesn't know me at all.

I'm 29 and Spotify knows me quite well.

I'm 30 and I buy more music today than I ever before in my life.

I'm going to share music on this site. some of it will be my own, some of it will be other people's. when sharing playlists, I will, most of the time, share stuff from Spotify, but the following has to be said:

the streaming music economy, at present, is bad for art, bad for artists, and utterly fails to provide the basis for a thriving and varied culture of sound. there are other ways to find and listen to music.

bandcamp is wonderful
a closer listen is indispensible
your local record store is probably nice
tapes are cool again

I encourage you to try them.