letter home iv

hey all,

The heat of Budapest's summer continues. It is a persistent fever that only rarely gives way to swells of humidity, which occasionally (mercifully) means rain and thunderstorms. One the rare yet sweetest feelings I've had this summer is the moment I realize that I've been lucky enough to catch an air-conditioned train back from the workshop, rather than one of the fleet of the ancient, sauna-like trains that stalk Budapest's suburban rail lines.

The nights are warm and lovely and full of mosquitos. The crickets living in the tree outside our apartment are massive, lime green, and curious about indoor life, a fact that our cat enjoys greatly. We're installing screens.

I say 'we' because Manon is here with me in Budapest now. She and I abandoned our respective sweltering European outposts to meet in California, see friends and family, eat all the food we've been missing, briefly explore British Columbia, and attend a couple weddings (including our own!). She has now joined me in Budapest, something that fundamentally improved both of our daily lives.

I continue in my attempt to wrestle the piano workshop into shape. It is full of false starts and more human drama than seems entirely necessary, but I learn so many new things each day that it's hard to dwell on the difficulties.
I've also created a website and sorta kinda managed to not entirely neglect it after the initial excitement of creating it. I'm not really sure what it's for yet, but so far it's for sharing Spotify playlists. Expect more piano and music-related things. Also other bits of writing.

Those of you I got to see back in California, it was amazing to see each and every one of you. For those I didn't, know that I think of you often. At a time where I'm not quite sure where it is I feel at home, I reliably find that feeling when I'm able to see or speak with one of you.

with so much love,