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hi friends,

a hint of spring, blown in on the winds that whip down the narrow alleyways of Pest, has reduced the bitter cold of winter to a faint memory.  my last spring here in Hungary took hold seemingly overnight; the dense, short overgrowth of Hungary's flora bursting forth over the course of just a few days.  each day we look for the first hints of growth in the trees outside our window and the return of the leaves to the ivy that clings to the city, waiting.

Manon and I celebrated her birthday by escaping the last gasps of winter here for the sunny western coast of Sardinia.  a short trip, it was full of coastal drives, sea caves, amazing seafood, and wandering tiny port towns.  we both fell in love with the landscape of towering limestone sea cliffs covered in an remarkably odd assortment of scrub brush, cactus, and pine trees, presenting a incredible array of faded greens running into the turquoise of the Mediterranean.  we hope to return someday.

matters in Budapest have been eventful as well.  just as we have begun to relax into our lives in this city, it's become clear how limited our time is here.  the unfortunate and unnecessary financial issues of my employer here have forced us to reimagine the year to come and it seems like we will pick up our few belongings and our cat and return to the states this summer.

we're obviously sad about our time here ending and the manner in which our leaving has become necessary, but it's hard not to be grateful for the past year living abroad and exploring a corner of the world we never expected to get to know so intimately.
we've taken this week to prepare for a visit back to California at the start of March and we will get to see many of you in person very soon. it has been far too long.

with love,